Wednesday, December 19, 2007

NIkki Leigh's New Blog Promotional Opportunities

Opportunities for Feature Authors
Authors have several ways to promote their books on the new tour site. All members have the chance to register and to create a profile page. These pages include the author name, book title, book description, your website and blog address along with some additional information.For details about the benefits to registered authors, click here.
Authors who would like to schedule a tour have the chance to create a feature author page that will include excerpts, reviews, and much more. In addition, feature authors are given a section of the site to use during their tour. They can post reviews, excerpts, character details, setting details, table of contents, testimonials, details about the author and much more. For complete information about being a feature author, click here.
Standard blog tours allow you to "travel" through cyber space on your own. Several of the beauty aspects of this new site include:
1 - You are in charge or what is posted and when on the tour
2 - We bring interested visitors to you in one location
3 - Several authors will tour at the same time and you each have the chance to benefit from the visitors that is on the site to visit any of our feature authors
4 - Being in one location for the week or the month allows you to get to know potential readers easier without making them chase you around in cyber space.
5 - Your tour takes place within a website that is SEP optimized to attract search engines and the site had over 3,000,000 visitors during 2007.
These are just some of the benefits. Our introductory prices are very low for feature author tours - take a look and feel free to contact me with questions. I can be reached at: and please put "Blog Tour" in the subject line. I have immediate openings and would love to learn more about you and your books.

Nikki Leigh


Nikki Leigh - Author said...

Thank you so much for mentioning the site Elena :) Anyone who would like to take a look around the site can visit -

Nikki Leigh

Elena Dorothy Bowman said...

You are welcome, Nikki. Hopefully, others will take advantage of the link and check it out.