Thursday, December 6, 2007

Even Eagles Need A Push

I just wanted to share with you something that came in my email this morning.

Even Eagles Need A Push

The eagle gently coaxed her offspring toward the edge of the nest. Her heart quivered with conflicting emotions as she felt their resistance to her persistent nudging. “Why does the thrill of soaring have to begin with the fear of falling?” she thought. This ageless question still remained unanswered for her.

As in the tradition of the species, her nest was located high upon the shelf of a sheer rock face. Below there was nothing but air to support the wings of each child. “Is it possible that this time it will not work?” she thought. Despite her fears, the eagle knew it was time. Her parental mission was all but complete. There remained one final task – the push.

The eagle drew courage from an innate wisdom. Until her children discovered their wings, the
re was no purpose for their lives. Until they learned how to soar, they would fail to understand the privilege of having been born an eagle. The push was the greatest gift she had to offer. It was her supreme act of love. And so, one by one, she pushed them and they flew.

David McNally, wrote these words in his book, Even Eagles Need A Push. It’s human nature to take the path of least resistance. Although most people truly want to reach their full potential, they don’t always have the initiative and the discipline to get started on their own. One of your greatest responsibilities as a parent and leader is to enable your children to be all they can be. Many times “the push”, with a little encouragement, is all they need.

Always look for opportunities to challenge others because many of them are like sticks of dynamite; the power’s on the inside, but nothing happens until the fuse gets lit.


Elena Dorothy Bowman
Journey to the Rim of Space and Beyond

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