Friday, December 21, 2007

My New Novel The Odyssey


My new novel The Odyssey will be released as an ebook in January from Write Words, Inc., imprint Here's a short blurb of the new novel.

A small sleepy New England town is suddenly thrust on an unintended journey to a place before time began. A devastating flood bearing down on the unsuspecting village devastates a neighborhood. When the waters finally subside, a strange object — a probe — emerges from the depths of a sinkhole. Two young brothers inadvertently activate its teleportation system sending the town and its unconscious citizens soaring towards a dead planet that has been drifting in space. Eons ago, its twin suns were on the verge of colliding destroying all life thereon. In a desperate effort for survival probes were sent from the stricken planet forward through time to the far reaches of the Universe. When the people of the tiny village of Oakville awaken they will discover that the incident that befell their town would soon become a reality that would change their lives forever.

I don't have the cover for the novel yet, but will post it when my son sends it to me.:)!


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