Monday, August 10, 2009

Book Review from Ruby Moon-Houldson-Gene Roddenberry Website

Review of Sarah's Landing Book 1
By: Ruby Moon-Houldson
Sarah's Landing - I * C o n t a c t

A 111-year-old mystery - people who vanished ten years before the new millennium - the first space-exploration starship, Earth Star-I, lost in deep space fifty-one years later - Is there a connection between these unexplained disappearances and a village situated along the rocky coast of New England, a place out of time, called Sarah's Landing?

Joshua Morgan, the Astronaut/Biologist scratched from the ill-fated flight, searching for answers, is unaware his quest will take him to the far reaches of space and to an alien planet no one knew existed. Joshua's love for two different woman on world's light years apart, results in the birth of sons - siblings - one from the alien planet, one from Earth, both empowered with mind-linking capabilities.

Set in the year 2055, the book centers around the hero’s attempts to solve the 111-year-old mystery of people who vanished 10 years before the new millennium, and the loss of the first starship, Earth Star-I which vanished 51 years later.

A software engineer turned author, Elena Bowman offers the reader a story filled with unexpected twists and turns. You’ll want to read this series.

I give this book 4 out of 5 moons. - Author: Ruby Moon-Houldson -

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Reviews and Excerpts of My Novels on Yvonne Mason's Weblog

Hi, Everyone!

Just wanted to share with you that Yvonne Mason, has graciously posted reviews and excerpts of all of my novels on her weblog. The following links will take you to each page that they reside on. I really appreciate her doing this for me and for all authors she graciously does this for.
Thank you!