Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Visual Arts Junction’s Writer’s Contest: Bedtime Story

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A picture is worth a thousand words, as they say, and that is your assignment. Well, more accurately, 500 words. Write about the above photo art, Bedtime Story by Aggie Villanueva. Study the image, and then write a story that this photo art inspires. You don’t have to write only fiction. Enter an essay if that’s what this image inspires in you. (No poetry please.)

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The Prizes

1. Each category winner will be interviewed live on Nanci Arvizu’s Blog Talk Radio show, Page Readers.
2. Each category winner receives a complimentary print book by New Mexico’s premier author Michael Orenduff, The Pot Thief Who Studied Ptolemy. Michael even has the Governor of NM commenting on his Pot Thief murder mystery series.
3. Each category winner will receive a downloadable version of Aggie Villanueva’s critically acclaimed Biblical novel, Rightfully Mine.
4. The winner gains double exposure on Aggie Villanueva’s two sites, and a post on the blogs of our prestigious panel of judges.
5. Plus, and this is a huge plus; every one of our contest supporters (and this list is constantly growing) will also post your winning entry. See our sponsor list below. So, if this image inspires your muse, go for it. You’ll be read by thousands.

The Rules:

1. There are two categories. Amateur Category: This category is open only to amateur writers, i.e. those who have been published less than 5 times in the past year. Not qualified to enter if you have books published. Be sure to write “Bedtime Story Writing Contest: Amateur Category” in the subject line. The prizes are the same for each category. Only unpublished, original fiction please.
2. There are two categories. Professional Category: This category is open only to professional writers. Be sure to write “Bedtime Story Writing Contest: Professional Category” in the subject line.The prizes are the same for each category. Only unpublished, original fiction please.
3. Study this image, Bedtime Story then write a story the photo art inspires. You don’t have to write only fiction. Enter an essay if that’s what this image inspires in you. (No poetry, please.) 500-550 word limit.
4. Deadline for the Bedtime Story Writing Contest is March 31, 2010. The winning entry will receive two critique statements from each judge; what that judge likes about your entry and what could be improved. See The Fine Print below.
5. Email your entry to Aggie at the Cabin. Be sure to type “Bedtime Story Writing Contest (plus) Amateur Category (or) Professional Category” in the subject line, or your entry may be overlooked or accidentally deleted.
6. Include with your entry a short bio and attach your photo.
7. Include all links you want posted with your winning entry.
8. You will only be notified by email, so be sure to include your email address.
9. Winning entries will be posted with your full story at all participating sites as near as possible to the 15th of April.
10. You must respond within 5 days of the date on your winning email announcement. If you do not reply to your winning email announcement within that time limit, your prize will be assigned to the second place entrant.


The Fine Print: The judges’ critiques are confined to short comments; no in depth critique/editing. Entrants will be automatically added to the Visual Arts Junction newsletter. You many unsubscribe at any time. All rights to the Bedtime Story image remain with the creator, Aggie Villanueva.
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