Sunday, September 14, 2008

New Print Release

Hi, Everyone!

I know I haven't been blogging lately, its not because I don't want to, but man and nature has a way of interrupting what one would think was a serene lifestyle until something unexpectedly happens. It all began on April 11, 2008 when I went into a small grocery store to buy lottery tickets...then all hell broke loose. All I can say about that is that when the dust settled, I was unconscious, laying on the floor of the store and on my way to the hospital. Since then I've been in a lot of pain, spending weeks on end at the doctors' offices. Things are easing up a bit so I can take this opportunity to try blogging again. Maybe not an everyday affair, but once or twice a week.

Since all this happened, my publisher has released the 2nd book in the Sarah's Landing Series in print. The Telepaths of Theon is now in print, as well as an ebook and a kindle book on The ISBN # of The Telepaths is 1-59431-598-1.

An excerpt from Chapter One of The Telepaths:
Sarah's Landing II - The Telepaths
Chapter 1 : Excerpt

Sarah's Landing, Earth

The weeks were rushing by and Alexandra was getting bigger and bigger. The townspeople under the leadership of the owl-faced Postmistress, Emily Pritchard, were now looking at her with a mixture of contemptuousness and fear.
"What do you suppose her baby will look like?" 'Old-Lady' Pritchard asked the tall, burly, full bearded General Store Proprietor, Ebenezer Grayson.
"I hear her talking to 'it' when she doesn't think anyone can hear her," a woman customer volunteered.
"And," another added, "she acts as if 'it' answers her."
"Well, I don't believe the stories we've heard," 'Old-Lady' Pritchard interrupted. "Lt. Jacobsen is the father of her child and she is trying to make it out to be the poor soul who disappeared. I don't believe that one for an instant!"
"Well what is she staying here for?" Ebenezer Grayson thundered. "Why doesn't she go back with her Lieutenant when he leaves?"
"I think she's trying to shame us all for the way our town acted when her 'friend' disappeared, don't you know," Emily Pritchard answered. Then she added haughtily, "Flaunting her 'condition' and allowing the Lieutenant into her home whenever he comes to town, so it would appear he's not the real father! Harrumph!"
And so it was with most of the townspeople. Alexandra, and her unborn child, became their favorite subject for gossip.

* * *

The stories spread by the women in the town reached Alexandra. She did her best to ignore them and tried to avoid running into them whenever she went into town to shop. Most of her daylight hours, when Henderson was not harassing her, were spent walking along the shoreline, afraid to climb or walk along the rocks above, afraid something or someone would cause her to fall and injure Joshua's child.
On nights she could not sleep, she wandered along the lonely beach, staring at the stars trying to contact Joshua and hoping he would answer her.
She sorely needed a friend. All of her friends had long since left town and gone their separate ways. They had begged her to leave with them, but she would not. Sarah's Landing was the only place she felt close to Joshua. With the exception of her doctor and the two police officers, no one in town spoke to her, afraid too, afraid of what might happen if they did; and she felt desperately lonely.
One afternoon, when she was at her lowest ebb, a messenger rapped furiously on her door and scurried away after leaving a long white box, in the hallway, at the foot of her door.
When she answered the door, she was surprised to see the white box sitting there. Looking around for the person who delivered it, she saw no one. She reached down to retrieve the box. Taking it inside, she cautiously looked at it before opening it. Not knowing who could have sent it, she wondered if Henderson has something to do with it.
"It would be just like him to drop this at the foot of my door and disappear pretending someone else had sent it to me."
I'm almost afraid to open it, she thought. If it is from Henderson it could be a bomb. She shook her head. No, not even he would stoop that low.
She finally decided it was safe enough and gingerly opened the box. A dozen of the most beautiful red roses she had ever seen greeted her. The card inside read, "Thought you could use a little cheering up -- will call tomorrow. Love, Harry." His timing could not have been more perfect.