Saturday, June 20, 2009

Review of Diamond Star - Catherine Asaro's Newest Release

Review of Diamond Star
Author: Catherine Asaro
Publisher: Baen Books – 2009
Reviewed by: Elena Dorothy Bowman

Diamond Star, the newest novel in Catherine Asaro's Award-Winning Skolian Empire Series is the story of a Prince of the Ruby Empire who longed to be somewhere and someone other than who he really was, and to that end kept his true identity a secret. At the time his family returned to their own planet, he was not with them, causing his family to believe he was being held captive by Earth's Hierarchy. Feeling that his family would not appreciate his desire to stay on Earth and be a rock star, he kept that information from them. Intent on proving that he could do more with his talent than what was expected of him, he set about promoting his music and his voice. He soon discovered that he was entwined in the dark side of the holo-rock industry, with attempts on his life, people wanting to own him, use him, kidnap him, and enslave him. Not to mention the interstellar conflagration he could bring about between three civilizations: Earth, Skyfall, and the worst of them all—The Traders— if Earth couldn't protect him. Then, too, there was woman he loved, a love he couldn't or wouldn't believe possible. He did not want to cause his family any worry or anguish, but he had to do what he was born to do—sing. If only he could believe he was as good as everyone was telling him he was, that he truly was worthy of the talent he was given.

Catherine Asaro's Diamond Star will keep you turning the pages as she takes you from one world to another as easily as going to the corner grocery store. The vivid worlds she creates makes one want to sign up for the next flight to the stars. A romantic science fiction novel that will keep you thinking about it long after you've closed the book on the last chapter.
~~Elena Dorothy Bowman
Author of: The Sarah's Landing Series, The Legacy Series, Time-Rift, The Odyssey and The Imposter.

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