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Advance Review of There and Back by Trisha Fitzgerald-Petri

Trisha Fitzgerald-Petri's Novel was not released at the time I was privileged to do an advance review of it.

Book Review: There and Back
Reviewed by Elena Dorothy Bowman
March 20, 2009

There and Back by Trisha Fitzgerald-Petri
Publisher: Wings ePress – 298 Pages

Trisha's novel There and Back is a mesmerizing tale of three Irish sisters and the complications that seem to dog two of them throughout their lives. Theresa Sullivan, the younger of the two, is a free spirit who believes all she ever dreams for would come to her naturally, which to her made her life more interesting if not perilous. On the other hand, her older sister, Gwendolyn has a more conservative view of life. Then, of course, there is Anna, the quiet one. From the beginning it is Gwen who copes with her sister's devil may care attitude, which causes a great deal of apprehension in Gwen's life. So much so that Gwen begins to believe it is her lot in life to look after her younger sister no matter what the consequences to her own desires and expectations.

Sprinkled within the story one can almost feel the atmosphere of the Irish Countryside. Trisha's description brings to mind the smells of the land, the food, the people's lives, all entwined as one. Traveling along the road through the villages one could actually believe that they are there in spirit if not in body. And behind this quiet, peaceful land, there is the threat of danger as Tessie manages to get herself into one pickle after another.

The many twist, turns and humor, in just the right places, take the reader from the land of the Irish to a different and strange culture and into the mountainous territory of Yugoslavia. Beneath the beauty of this troubled land bordering on the edge of war and suspicion, where earthquakes are as normal as the day is long, the precarious turn of events is heightened when Tessie manages to get herself entwined in the most dangerous and deadliest escapade of all. Tossing her own desires aside, Gwen, with the help of one of Tessie's discarded suitors rushes to her sister's aid only to find herself in a situation that is just as dangerous and deadly as her sister's and wondering if they will ever see Ireland again.

Trisha takes her time weaving this story together taking the reader deeper and deeper into the intrigue she so cleverly unwinds. She deftly exposes the depth of her characters' tribulations, and emotions, while emerging them into an environment that has all the intrigue and life–threatening danger waiting to engulf them. Although not a fast-paced novel, it moves at a steady pace, capturing the reader's attention and wondering where it would all end. It is without a doubt a page turner and well worth the read.

~~ Elena Dorothy Bowman, Author of:
The Sarah's Landing Series, The Legacy Series, Time-Rift, The Odyssey and The Imposter.

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