Saturday, January 19, 2008

Check the Boxes

This post is meant of inform and might be of some help to others. Lately, it seems, that anything we buy in the grocery store has to be thoroughly checked out before using. Especially when it comes to grains or cereals of any kind. What I am speaking about is that when these boxes are opened, it is more than likely that there will be moths lurking inside the cartons. If the contents inside the box is not sealed,(that is sealed in a plastic or paper wrap) moths have a way of getting inside. I won't go into details. But is it sufficient to know to check before using, even if the date stamped on the boxes say they are recent. Lately, we have had to discard cereal, oatmeal, grits, rice pudding mixtures, and other dry goods because of the unwanted investation. These are dry goods that we had never opened, and were not leftovers from previous uses. It didn't seem to matter that the dates on the boxes were current. We have since taken to put all our dry goods in glass containers with seals on them as soon as we get them home. We don't even bother taking them back when we see the problem, which is starting to run into quite a bit of money. But the thought of carrying the dry goods back to the store, just makes me shudder. Why am I writing this today? Because the box we just bought yesterday to make rice pudding with was unedible.:( Yes, we tossed it, and made rice pudding the old fashioned way. :)

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