Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Barnes and Noble

Today I received a phone call from Barnes and Noble in Nashua, New Hampshire. I have been invited to a local authors' book signing September 16, 2007. Of course, since B&N doesn't work with my distributor I have to bring in my own books. But that's okay. Whatever it takes to get my books signed and sold at B&N. I have had several book signings at B&N when my old now defunct publisher was with Ingram and Lightning Press, and sold a number of books of my novel The House On The Bluff, the first book in the Legacy Series. Now, I will have not only the first book in the series but the second book as well to offer. The Gatekeeper's Realm is Book 2 in the series and I am hoping that those who purchased the first one will be eager to read more and purchase the second book. There is a third book to the series which is not in print as yet, but that shouldn't be too long in coming. Anyway, that's my thoughts for today.

Oh, I should mention that on August 13, I will be hosting on my blog, Kim Baccellia virtual book tour. Hope you'll drop in and get to meet Kim



The Compleat Day Tripper said...

Elena, I find the red italics very hard to read in your blog. Nice content, though!

Mary Emma Allen said...

Elena, I've had book signings at the B & N in Nashua, too! I live north of there in Plymouth, NH. What fun to meet an author closer to home.

Elena Dorothy Bowman said...


Book signings at B&N in Nashua seem to turn out a lot of people. Hoping to do well this September. Great knowing another author is close by.