Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Adam's Point from Romantic Junkies

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Received a great review from Romantic Junkies this week...4.5 blue ribbons. It won't be posted on their website until September, but here's an excerpt of it.

After reading GATEKEEPER’S REALM I was fascinated with the characters and the vivid imagery that enthralled me throughout the storyline. I’m thrilled to say that Elena Dorothy Bowman's continuation of the story in ADAM’S POINT contains all the same traits that have made the LEGACY series a thrilling read. I loved the men’s alpha attitude and determination to protect the women and had to laugh at the women’s ‘not without us’ attitude. While the sinister apparition kept me guessing at what stunt it would pull next I was really hopeful to ‘meet’ Jacob and learn just how he could help satisfy the wraith. I do have to confess while I was quite sure there would be a happy ending for the couples, I wasn’t anticipating the emotions which I experienced at the end of the story - sorry I can’t say more because it’d give too much away.

I would recommend reading all three of the books in the LEGACY series - HOUSE ON THE BLUFF, GATEKEEPER’S REALM and ADAM’S POINT in order to fully experience the wonders carefully hidden and guarded in this fascinating house/Inn.

Title: Legacy Series: Adam's Point
Category: Paranormal
Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne
Reviewer Email:

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