Saturday, November 21, 2009

Blog Tour for The Sid Series

Today we start the blog tour for The Sid Series...The Following is the schedule for the blog tour. I will be participating on December 4th, 2009. Join us on Yvonne Perry's Book Tour.

* Yvonne has written an article about psychic children and their imaginary friends for her appearance on Friday, November 20, 2009. Irene Watson of Reader Views will post this article on
* Saturday, November 21 WITS Blog will feature an interview with 8-year-old Sidney, the inspiration for the writing of The Sid Series. Join him as he discusses with his grandmother the books and his spiritual gifts.
* Sunday, November 22 Janet Riehl is hosting a question and answer interview about Yvonne's process for writing, publishing, and marketing The Sid Series
* Monday, November 23 Yvonne will be the radio guest of Maxine Thompson on Dr. Maxine Show The Shift Guru Barbara Joye will feature part 1 of a 3-part article on how Yvonne shifted from religion to metaphysics when her grandson, Sidney, (for whom The Sid Series was written) started manifesting psychic gifts.
* Tuesday, November 24 Yvonne will also be Suzanne Lieurance's radio guest on Book Bites for Kids
* Wednesday, November 25 The Shift Guru Barbara Joye will feature part 2 of a 3-part article on how Yvonne shifted from religion to metaphysics when her grandson started manifesting psychic gifts.
* Thursday, November 26 Yvonne will be visiting Karen and Robyn - Writing for Children at where Karen Cioffi is the hostess. Yvonne will tell how she self-published The Sid Series.
* Friday, November 27 Stephanie Ward will post information about Yvonne’s book on Stark Raving Bibliophile The Shift Guru Barbara Joye will feature part 2 of a 3-part article on how Yvonne shifted from religion to metaphysics when her grandson started manifesting psychic gifts. We hope to see you on both blogs that day.
* Saturday, November 28 Yvonne will post a press/media release about the book's debut. This will go to multiple online sources.
* Sunday, November 29 Amy, the owner of Equinaut and Vitesis has invited Yvonne to stop by and share an article titled, “The Writing of a Children’s Book.”
* On Monday, November 30, Carolyn Howard-Johnson’s blog, The New Book Review, will feature a book review written by Katie Chalfont that highlights how The Sid Series has influenced her three children.
* Tuesday, December 1 Barbara Techel and Frankie the Walk 'N Roll Dog welcome Yvonne at You won’t want to miss this article on pet death.
* Wednesday, December 2 Shayne Packer of Grandparents TLC will host Yvonne as she offers an article about young age grandparenting.
* Thursday, December 3 Dallas Woodburn’s Writing Life will introduce authors to Skype an Author Network’s virtual classroom feature.
* Friday, December 4 Elena Dorothy Bowman will post an article titled "Why I wrote The Sid Series." This article features why Yvonne wrote the book and discusses some of the spiritual gifts Sidney manifested at an early age.
* Saturday, December 5 Yvonne will upload to Youtube a book trailer for “A Powerful Potion,” one of the stories in The Sid Series. Jennifer Brown will post Yvonne’s “Love List” at
* Sunday, December 6 Yvonne’s Facebook andTwitter friend, Lisa J. Jackson, has volunteered her blog, Lisa Haselton's Reviews & Interviews, as the tour stop.
* Monday, December 7 Liana Metal will host Yvonne on Art Stories with an article about how she worked with 15-year-old Hayley John to create the illustrations for The Sid Series.
* Tuesday, December 8 Hal Manogue of Short Sleeves Insight will host Yvonne on with the posting of an article about children having remembered past lives.
* On Wednesday, December 9 Chelle Cordero will host a “Woman in Charge” interview of Yvonne as an author and business entrepreneur. You don’t want to miss “Combining Authorship and Free-Lance Writing Business” on Chelle Cordero’s Promo Page
* Thursday, December 10 Sidney’s mother, Amanda McCurley, will host Yvonne on Fashionably Late by providing a book review and her thoughts about her son being the main character and inspiration for The Sid Series.
* Friday, December 11 Mama Paro and her three kittens: Elina, Bibble, and Tuktuk, will write a book review for The Sid Series. You’ll get a child’s perspective of the book when you visit
* Saturday, December 12 Anita Revel has invited Yvonne to stop by Daily Blissings and discuss why she is thankful for the learning process of self-publishing using Lightning Source.
* Sunday, December 13 More Than Meets the Eye ( will feature an article, “Out of the Mouths of Babies! Channeling 101” about how Yvonne’s grandson at age three channeled an import message from his higher self.
* Monday, December 14 Lillian Brummet will host Yvonne Perry as she reads “Sid’s Fairy ~ Learning About Inner Guidance.”
* Tuesday, December 15 In a radio interview, Yvonne will discuss why The Sid Series was written for her grandson, Sidney. Hot Books - Great Authors is hosted by Valerie Connelly, publisher at Nightengale Press.
* On Tuesday, December 16, More Than Meets the Eye ( will feature a flip book version of "Puppy Love ~ Dealing with the Death of a Pet," which is one of the twelve stories in The Sid Series.
* Wednesday, December 17 Heart Song's Hymnal will post a book review for The Sid Series at
* Thursday, December 18. WITS blog will feature a question and answer interview with Hayley John, the 15-year-old student who illustrated many of the stories and the cover for The Sid Series.
* Saturday, December 19 stop by Dennis Martin's blog, I Write Some, read “A Book for Kids (and Adults) Who Love Fairies” and listen to an audio of the author reading the story, “Sid’s Fairy ~ Learning About Inner Guidance.”

Thank you so much for your help!
Yvonne Perry

Please tell your friends about The Sid Series ~ A Collection of Holistic Stories for Children. These stories help kids learn about inner guidance, being true to one’s self, caring for the body, overcoming fear, recycling, and other health-conscious topics. See


Yvonne Perry said...

Thank you for posting the schedule for our blog tour, Dorothy. I'm looking forward to being your guest!


Dennis S Martin said...

Looking forward to hosting Yvonne on her blog tour later this month. Yvonne, The Sid Series rocks.