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Messengers from God

Messengers from God
Elena Dorothy Bowman

Six-thirty every morning, Julia stood on the beach and watched her marine mammal friends frolicking in the ocean. She listened in on their banter as they dove in and out of the water splashing and crashing into the waves coming from the open sea and roaring toward the shore.
If anyone ever told her she would be communicating with these mariners on a daily basis, she would have looked at them as if they had lost their marbles. But, she was just as surprised as anyone else that the dolphins spoke to her, or rather that she could understand what they were saying.
This morning was no different than any of the others she spent watching her friends, except that the Christmas Season was upon them. It was their quiet time, she loved it as much as the they did. Usually not many people came to Makaha Valley on the West side of the Island of Oahu to see them. But those who did, would never forget the day they went swimming with the dolphins.
Julian and Karyn James, from Boston, Massachusetts were spending Christmas in Hawaii, and were the first to arrive. They stood on the beach alongside Julia and watched the young whales playing.
“Do they do that all the time?” Karyn asked.
“Every day,” Julia said laughing.
When the others arrived Julia gathered the group together and told them under no circumstances were they to touch the dolphins. They will swim alongside you, only inches away, but as much as you might like to, don’t touch, okay?”
When everyone agreed, Julia then said, “Okay everyone into the water.” She laughed, as they looked at her bewildered.
“We have to swim out to them,” she said, quietly, “they don’t come to you...well almost never. It’s only 300 yards out, come on everyone you can do it. The dolphins are waiting.”
Karyn looked at Julian. He laughed and nodded, “Don’t worry, if you falter, I’ll be close by.”
Karyn’s laughter was a bit strained. But she went in anyway. The dolphins waited until the people reached them, then started to swim alongside. Everyone marveled at the friendliness, beauty and grace of their companions. Later, they would swear their sidekicks were talking to them as well as to each other.
Sensing the people were secure with them, the cetaceans began playing games, chasing, tagging, and romping with the swimmers. Soon the aquatic mammals perceived the people were tired and herded them toward shore as they swam alongside. When the group reached the beach, the dolphins turned and went back out to their favorite spot.
Karyn and Julian loved every minute of it and wouldn’t have missed it for the world, they promised to return. Julia said she would look forward to seeing them again, and added, the dolphins would, too.
A few days before they were to leave to go back to Massachusetts, Karyn slipped on a wet floor and seriously injured her back. She was in agony. Julian thought about taking her home early, but she wanted to see the dolphins one last time. Reluctantly, Julian agreed and brought Karyn to the beach at Makaha Valley.
Julia greeted them and asked Karyn how her back was.
“How did you know?” Karyn asked.
"My friends told me. They said you were in a lot of pain and would like you to swim out to them."
“No,” Karyn said. “I wish I could, but I can’t. It hurts too much, Julian will go.”
“Julian can come along as well, but the dolphins want you to come into the water with them...look, they’re coming in for you...see!"
Karyn looked and was surprised to see the young dolphins dangerously close to the shore and making such a racket she had no choice but to go in and meet them. They swam alongside her, taking her further and further out. Julia and Julian went along as well. The dolphins kept Karyn close to them and she could feel the love, peace, and tranquility they transmitted to her. She felt at peace and was no longer in pain.
Tired, Karyn wanted to return to the shore and panicked when a giant Sting-Ray barred her way. Her dolphins came to the rescue. Swimming in front of, and encircling the entire group, they moved as one safely through the waters and past the Sting-Ray to the land beyond. When their charges were back on the beach, the dolphins signaled their good-byes and swam back out. The pain in Karyn’s back was completely gone, she could move about freely and she felt wonderful.
Karyn turned to Julia, “This is one Christmas I’ll never forget... how did you know?”
Julia smiled, “The dolphins told me. That’s why they wanted you in the water... where they could help you.”
“They are such beautiful creatures,” Karyn said. “Once with them I felt no pain, just peace and tranquility. I could feel their warmth engulfing me. The purity of their love and the tranquility they transmit is unbelievable.”
“I know,” Julia answered, “That’s why I call them my “Messengers from God!”

* * * * *

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