Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My Husband's Book-The Continuum

Hi, Everyone!

Just wanted to say that I finally finished editing and publishing my husband's book, "The Continuum" . It was supposed to be up on Amazon, but Amazon isn't listing it as being available, and according to them "may never be", unless, of course, I want to republish it with Amazon's BookSurge.

While I had already published with LuLu before Amazon's new edict, I see no reason to change now. My husband's book is presently listed and available at Barnes and Noble..., as well as with

Since there are many titles similar to my husband's, the best way to find his book is with its ISBN number. The 10 digit isbn # is: 1-4357-1431-8, and the 13 digit LuLu isbn # is: 978-1-4357-1431-1. There are 391 pages to the book. The tag line for the book is: A compilation of the Historical Events of Mankind on Earth: from 450,000 BC to O BC. A short blurb follows:

"The Continuum", a series of events that cannot be separated, is the author's attempt to logically and chronologically record a continuity through time and space from the creation of Earth, the colonization of Earth, the promulgation of Mankind on Earth to that particular period when the division of time occurred at O BC and the Son of God of the Universe had fulfilled His mission and departed Earth.

Personally, I think the book is fascinating, but then I could be biased.

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