Tuesday, July 17, 2007

My Virtual Book Tour

Here it is, the 9th day of my book tour and everything seems to be going great. Today I am at the Boomer Chic blog, but unfortunately, the URL I have listed doesn't work. So I can't sign in and let people know I'm there. I guess these things do happen, but perhaps I can discover what the problem is and finally sign in.

While I'm on my book tour, other things are happening. As a member of the Readers Station, several authors, myself included, have put together an anthology. We had a contest to name the anthology and one of our readers won by naming it "Journeys of a Lifetime" by members of the Readers' Station. The anthology will be released by Write Words, Inc., as an ebook with their imprint ebooksonthe.net, and in print by their imprint Cambridge books. The print edition will be available for sale on Amazon.com. Nine authors have contributed to this anthology and it is bound to take you on many interesting and surprising journeys. Look for it...it will be available within the coming month.

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