Saturday, May 26, 2007


Hi, I decided to try to introduce two of the characters in my books. Don't know how this will work out, but would appreciate your thoughts on this. Thank you:

My name is Alexandra McKay. I am a character in the science fiction novels, by Elena Dorothy Bowman entitled the Sarah's Landing Series. I first arrived on the scene in her first book, The Contact. I was minding my own business looking out at the ocean when Joshua Morgan, the astronaut scrapped from the ill-fated flight of Earth's first Star Ship to deep space, happened by. He was on a mission. A mission to Sarah's Landing, but he decided to stop for a moment and take in the depth and breadth of the Atlantic Ocean. He didn't see me at first, I guess because the ocean fascinated him so. But I couldn't take my eyes off him, and I believe my staring at him made the back of his neck tingle. Anyway I like to think so, because that's when he turned around and saw me standing there watching his every move. He spoke, sort of, not much of a conversation. Just the usual, nice day, isn't it? Wasn't the scenery beautiful, you know stuff like that. I was late and I had to leave, so I waved goodbye and told him I'd see him in Sarah's Landing. You should have seen the look on his face. He couldn't believe I knew where he was going, but you see, I did. We did meet later in Sarah's Landing, and I wasn't sure he remembered me, but he surprised me…he was hoping we'd meet again, yet, his words faltered, it was as if he couldn't speak…only for the moment. At the time neither of us knew where this would all lead. But our lives were destined to be entwined. How, well, we can go into that later. At the moment, I just wanted you to know that I exist, and that Joshua Morgan exists and that Sarah's Landing will always have a place in our hearts. And if you want to know where this all leads, you'll have to read the books. Bye for now,

Alexandra McKay

My name is Joshua Morgan, I'm one of the lead characters in Elena Dorothy Bowman's novels, The Sarah's Landing Series. I was a part of the Space Command and scheduled to be on Earth's first space exploration flight. But, as luck would have it, I was stricken with a viral infection hours before launch. Someone else went in my place, a young, nervous, accident prone, absent-minded junior member of the team we called Allen. Allen was the one who came up with the advanced propulsion system capable of traveling light years in seconds, how or why, no one ever knew. But if I had been on that ill-fated flight I never would have met Alexandra McKay, the love of my life. Well, not at first, but she did make me forget what I was in Sarah's Landing for. She knew I was in love with her before I did. She tried to warn me, not to do anything foolish, to leave the building, to find another place to live, but to my regret, I didn't listen. I mean she said she had psychic abilities. She could see things I couldn't see, and that I was in danger. I found that a bit difficult to swallow, so I just let her rant, and ignored her premonition. When she went off with her friends on a trip to New York was when the full brunt of her predictions came to fruition. How or why? You'll have to read the books.

Joshua Morgan

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