Sunday, February 25, 2007

Sarah's Landing Series:

Sarah's Landing-I - Contact - Sarah's Landing Series - Book 1

Sci-Fi, Drama, Mystery, Romance:

Earth’s reach for the stars, catches the interest and attention of a culture existing on a shrouded planet who have commissioned a highly technically superior force to search the universe for compatible life forms. The alien race, who call themselves Theonians, are capable of fantastic psychic abilities, one of which allows them to travel anywhere in the universe at will.
The Theonians' advanced society is on the brink of disaster. These aliens must now enlist, not conquer, a race of beings whose genetics are similar to theirs to ensure the continuation of their own existence. Settling on the planet Earth as their primary objective they surreptitiously send a member of their Inner Council to scout out this promising aspect. He takes on the name of Henderson, and the role of a Caretaker, so as to slip among the people of the planet with ease.

Thus, Sarah's Landing, one of the last surviving vestiges of an earlier era, situated along the rocky coast of New England becomes the village where Henderson begins his mission. Unknown to most of its inhabitants, it now maintains an unusual bond with an Alien City, and its unseen planet millions of light years away, and with it, its people...the empathics and Telepaths of Theon.

Joshua Morgan, an astronaut/ biologist "scrubbed" from the most ambitious deep space mission yet, must determine the thread between a Centuries old mystery, people vanishing before the new millennium, a lost star-ship in deep space, and a New England village, a place out of time, called Sarah's Landing. He is assigned to the Investigative Branch at the Space Intelligence Command (SICOM), to solve the mystery of these disappearances.

During his search for the truth, Joshua meets and falls in love with Alexandra, a telepath, who senses danger in Joshua's life. The first inkling of the Alien bond manifests itself in Alexandra's dreams after her lover, Joshua Morgan, disappears while she is away from Sarah's Landing.

In her waking hours, Alexandra tries desperately to find Joshua, enlisting the aid of Lieutenant Henry Jacobsen, of the Space Intelligence Command, only to have her efforts blocked at every turn by Henderson, the strange, devious character who turns out to be her Alien nemesis, responsible for her many bizarre nightmares, as well as the strange happenings in Sarah's Landing.

Henderson's prime responsibility is twofold: stop Alexandra from using her psychic powers to contact Joshua and, stop her from learning of the existence of the Alien Planet. But Alexandra succeeds in thwarting Henderson. She successfully contacts Joshua; brings him back to Earth and to her for almost twenty-four hours; discovers the existence of the planet; and ultimately places herself, Joshua's unborn child, and Harry Jacobsen in mortal danger.

On the alien planet, Joshua's transformation takes place and he discovers he has developed stronger telepathic and psychic powers than the aliens, and realizes he is being groomed to take over as leader and is to be given Adrianne, the Leader's daughter, to 'join' with him.

But complications arise, holding Henderson in check as to his campaign against Alexandra; and Joshua in a quandary as to what he must do next. He has discovered both of his women, Alexandra on Earth and Adrianne on Theon are carrying his sons, who are capable of mind-linking with him, their mothers and each other. And the safety of both planets has now been compromised

Harry, concerned for Alexandra's safety, decides, for the present, to keep what he knows about the Aliens and Sarah's Landing to himself. During his efforts to help Alexandra search for Joshua, he grows to love her and Joshua's unborn son. Alexandra, although fond of Harry as a friend, a brother, has only one love in mind — Joshua.

—Jackie Young, correspondent — Westford Eagle -

"—Even those who are not sure they are science fiction fans may be swept up in Sarah's Landing-I, a spellbinding tale which takes the reader from the rocky shores of a small New England town to a planet…thousands of light years away. The wonder of it is that the author has managed to tell the tale of astronaut/ biologist Joshua Morgan so convincingly. Her down-to-earth approach, soaring imagination and her expertise as a software engineer are a winning combination. The kinds of experiences that her characters encounter have the ring of truth to them. This fast-paced novel, which incidentally, is also a first-rate love story, will undoubtedly pull readers in. Bowman’s powers of description are second to none. Here is a book that is difficult to put down – a real page turner."
-Sandy Bernstein, Editor, Sour Grapes Magazine -

"-Sarah's Landing is a work of pure imagination. This sci-fi tale is a perfect blend of fantasy, mystery, and romance working together in a most seductive way. The peaceful setting of this New England coastal village is anything but what it seems. Dark forces are at work breaking down the barriers of two separate worlds. Its rich characters will draw you in as they struggle to find answers to a century old mystery they believe is a connection between our own planet and one called Theon. Sarah's Landing is the first in a four part series, and as such leaves the reader begging for more. The characters are real and complex, driven by compassion and loyalty. But where their loyalties lie is another matter. The plot is intriguing and spun in true sci-fi fashion. All the elements of a wondrous tale are here as Elena keeps the reader in suspense from beginning to end. I can't wait to read book II, The Telepaths of Theon."

Sarah's Landing- I - Contact is available in e-book format from Write Words, Inc.'s,, and The e-book ISBN# 1-59431-510-8. The print edition will be released in 2007 by Write Words, Inc.'s,