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Hi, I decided to try to introduce two of the characters in my books. Don't know how this will work out, but would appreciate your thoughts on this. Thank you:

My name is Alexandra McKay. I am a character in the science fiction novels, by Elena Dorothy Bowman entitled the Sarah's Landing Series. I first arrived on the scene in her first book, The Contact. I was minding my own business looking out at the ocean when Joshua Morgan, the astronaut scrapped from the ill-fated flight of Earth's first Star Ship to deep space, happened by. He was on a mission. A mission to Sarah's Landing, but he decided to stop for a moment and take in the depth and breadth of the Atlantic Ocean. He didn't see me at first, I guess because the ocean fascinated him so. But I couldn't take my eyes off him, and I believe my staring at him made the back of his neck tingle. Anyway I like to think so, because that's when he turned around and saw me standing there watching his every move. He spoke, sort of, not much of a conversation. Just the usual, nice day, isn't it? Wasn't the scenery beautiful, you know stuff like that. I was late and I had to leave, so I waved goodbye and told him I'd see him in Sarah's Landing. You should have seen the look on his face. He couldn't believe I knew where he was going, but you see, I did. We did meet later in Sarah's Landing, and I wasn't sure he remembered me, but he surprised me…he was hoping we'd meet again, yet, his words faltered, it was as if he couldn't speak…only for the moment. At the time neither of us knew where this would all lead. But our lives were destined to be entwined. How, well, we can go into that later. At the moment, I just wanted you to know that I exist, and that Joshua Morgan exists and that Sarah's Landing will always have a place in our hearts. And if you want to know where this all leads, you'll have to read the books. Bye for now,

Alexandra McKay

My name is Joshua Morgan, I'm one of the lead characters in Elena Dorothy Bowman's novels, The Sarah's Landing Series. I was a part of the Space Command and scheduled to be on Earth's first space exploration flight. But, as luck would have it, I was stricken with a viral infection hours before launch. Someone else went in my place, a young, nervous, accident prone, absent-minded junior member of the team we called Allen. Allen was the one who came up with the advanced propulsion system capable of traveling light years in seconds, how or why, no one ever knew. But if I had been on that ill-fated flight I never would have met Alexandra McKay, the love of my life. Well, not at first, but she did make me forget what I was in Sarah's Landing for. She knew I was in love with her before I did. She tried to warn me, not to do anything foolish, to leave the building, to find another place to live, but to my regret, I didn't listen. I mean she said she had psychic abilities. She could see things I couldn't see, and that I was in danger. I found that a bit difficult to swallow, so I just let her rant, and ignored her premonition. When she went off with her friends on a trip to New York was when the full brunt of her predictions came to fruition. How or why? You'll have to read the books.

Joshua Morgan

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The Legacy Series

The House On The Bluff - Legacy Series - Book 1:

The last voice heard from the house was an 18th Century ancestor's blood-curdling screams in the dark of night, but no one ever saw or heard from that person again. What was it about the "house" that made people tremble? Why had no one ventured near it since 1789; why had no one dared? Had it not been there for centuries, standing tall ... empty ... beckoning?

Abigail Adams Pierce could not envision that the information she stumbled on would take her on a hair-raising journey she would never forget. A journey that once started would have no turning back, even at the risk of losing her life in the physical sense and being trapped within the spiritual realm, which had invaded the Pierce House. And nothing, in her wildest imagination, could have prepared her for the effect her discovery would have on her life from that moment on. This was her family's legacy - handed down from the 11th Century - to the descendent who dared to enter in spite of its warnings. To the day she entered her ancestral home, with its promise of terror or fulfillment, The House On The Bluff maintained its enchantment and its ageless elegance, standing as a silent sentinel waiting for the one long destined to enter who could shatter its secrets.



* *

by: Shannah Biondine
Timesless Tales
Reviews for the discerning reader
3 1/2 Stars *** /*

The House On The Bluff is known as The Pierce House to locals of Adam's Point. Abigail Adams Pierce arrives in this small New England town determined to investigate the house, which is part of a mysterious family legacy harking back to eleventh century England. The house has been abandoned and has spent most of its many decades perching in eerie, empty silence above a cove known as the Bay of Death. This is not a charming New England bed and breakfast type of home, and boats dropping anchor in the bay it overlooks are invariably lost. Their crews are said to mysteriously disappear without a trace.

Beyond rumors of ghostly inhabitants and unexplained events, Abigail knows her ancestors have tried and failed to conquer the house and its secrets. Others have come before her and tried to reside within its walls, only to flee in terror. Legend says one brave descendant must enter the forbidden structure and unlock the secrets from its past. Only this stalwart descendant and his/her champion and consort will be accepted by the house--an entity with definite ideas of its own.

Readers who've ever become disoriented in a large mall or lost their cars in sprawling parking lots will be able to relate to the helpless feeling Abigail experiences. Just parking her Jeep outside or leaving one room to enter another touches off bizarre episodes in and around Pierce House. Abigail must find the courage to stay the course, no matter what.

The austere setting provides a suitable backdrop for the moody atmosphere of the storyline. I really liked the premise and enjoyed the way the author weaves in ancient history and colorful background lore from varying time periods.


* Lighthouse Literary Reviews - *

Reviewed by: Lori

The House On The Bluff
by Elena Dorothy Bowman
February 2006
ISBN#: 1-59431-354-7
Romantic Suspense/Mystery/Thriller


The House on the Bluff is called the Pierce House and it has a mind of its own. Abigail knows this, but takes up residence anyway. Her first night in the long abandoned house, she finds a beautifully prepared room just waiting for her to stay within. Visions and dreams of pirates, Revolutionary soldiers, and the like keep her from sleeping well. The mystery of the Pierce House deepens from there.

Abigail is terrified, but refuses to leave the house. She meets Ethan Benedict who encourages her not to stay in the house. Living close by, heís heard stories about the house and it doesn't sit well with him to have her there alone. Abigail, however is a woman with a mission and Ethan finds himself standing beside her, through some turbulent adventures.

Tony Harridan is the town sheriff. He too knows the stories. He too is instantly protective of Abigail. He joins Ethan to keep Abigail safe. She may need them both to survive. The Pierce House has secrets it doesnít want to give up.

... the mystery is good and suspenseful. Ms. Bowman does a wonderful job creating a creepy atmosphere and likable characters. The complex story unwinds a little at a time tugging at the reader into Abigail's plight.


* Enchanted Ramblings *

Reviewed by: Autiotalo

The House On The Bluff
by Elena Dorothy Bowman
ISBN: 1-59431-354-7
Published By: Write Words


Abigail arrives at Pierce House to take up residence, unconcerned by the rumours that the house is haunted, and that boats that stray into the Bay of Death overlooked by the house often disappear - as did the last owner of the house. But Abigail is fulfilling a prophecy that goes back to the time of the Crusades, and Pierce House ? and its ghosts ? will test the strength and resolve of Abigail and her friends Ethan and Toby before it finally reveals its secrets.

A romance and a ghostly mystery, this book mixes contemporary with historical flashbacks as Abigail seeks to uncover the secrets behind her new home. It's a taut psychological thriller...A creepy tale that will have you looking over your shoulder as you read.


* *

By: Anne K. Edwards
Title: The House on the Bluff
Author: Elena Dorothy Bowman
ISBN: 1594313547
Genre: Paranormal Romance

A mysterious house lures people to it and they are never heard from again--alive. This causes fear in the neighborhood of Adam's Point to leave so it is isolated as well, except for one young man who is staying at his family's summer cottage.

Abigail has come to lay claim to this house with its bleak atmosphere, but the question is, will she claim the house or will it claim her? She is tempted more than once to flee the sights and sounds she encounters, but determination makes her stay.

A story that seems to have a touch of horror, but the reader will find there is a twist in the plot that leads away from that idea. Ghosts abound with doors closing on their own, mysterious music with no apparent source, meals appearing on cue with no staff, cold unappealing rooms, all adding their own touch to the atmosphere of a house you will enjoy visiting while waiting for Abigail and her new friends, Ethan and Tony, to figure things out.

Talented author Elena Dorothy Bowman offers the reader something new in paranormal romance in a world peopled by fun characters (including the house). You'll feel as if you've actually visited the place, so well done is the description.

Recommended as a fun read. Enjoy. I did.